Should I Renovate My Home or Custom Build?


Should I Renovate My Home or Custom Build?

If you are in a debate between renovating your current home or starting fresh with a custom build, keep in mind that renovating an existing home may cost just as much as a brand new home in Cincinnati. We proudly offer both of these services at the Leland Group and love the idea of working on your existing home. We understand you cherish the space that your family may have outgrown, which brings the difficult question of “Should I renovate my home or custom build?” Although we can’t give you an answer, we are here to help with questions to ponder to help you make a decision.

Ask Yourself : What Do You Want Most?

There is no easy answer when debating between renovating or building a custom home, as the decision depends on what you are wanting out of your home and how long you plan to live there. While you automatically ask if it’s cheaper to renovate or build, this puts a risk of your long-term value by eliminating the options you love. Understanding what is important to you and the type of home you want is a great place to start. What is it you dislike about your current home? What are you wanting to change? Different homes suit different families, such as those who have adult children vs growing families with kiddos. In some scenarios, adding on another bedroom or half bath may be more important than building brand new. Knowing what goals you want to achieve will help determine if your current home will allow those goals, or if it’s time to start new.

What’s Your Time Frame?

When discussing both options, a factor to remember is asking yourself how long your family can afford to be away from the home during the renovation process. Remodeling and building both require a large amount of time that could disrupt your everyday life. When choosing to build, the length of construction could take anywhere from 9-12 months depending on the size and location. These factors could affect the time frame of custom building:

  • The size of the home you want.

  • Custom design requests.

  • The weather over the course of the project, depending on the season.

  • The type of home builder you choose.

  • The layout of the home, including specific floor plan and overall design.

Having a conversation about your time frame and how long you are able to withstand their project will guide you the right choice. By defining what you are looking for and what is most important to your family, budget, and time will allow you to make the best-suited decision.

No matter the service you are seeking, The Leland Group promises to provide exceptional partnership with your family while exceeding your expectations.

The Leland Group is eager to assist your next remodeling or custom home build project. 

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