8 Fall Lawn Care Tips


8 Fall Lawn Care Tips

The community in which your family chooses to build a custom home will determine the atmosphere you opt for in the aesthetic and environment. Living in a community that fits your family’s lifestyle will make your surrounding space feel even more like home. The Leland Group is proud to offer services to both the Greater Cincinnati area as well as the Northern Kentucky Region, allowing you to find your true home in this booming market.

However, living in a community comes with homeowner responsibilities, such as caring for your lawn and surrounding areas. With fall around the corner, it’s time to start prepping the rake and gutters for a new season! Our team is sharing 8 fall lawn care tips for this year, leaving your home and community sparkling clean.

Pull Weeds and Fertilize

Pulling weeds from your flower beds and garden areas is a perfect way to start preparing your lawn for fall. By pulling weeds and turning your soil, you will save yourself a headache amount of work come spring. Finish by topping off the beds with fresh organic fertilizer, such as chicken manure.

Pour the Mulch

Once your garden beds have been completely fertilizer, it’s time to start layering! Cover the soil with loose straw to protect the nutrients, then layer the straw with mulch. Spreading mulch around trees and shrubs will protect them from the cold nights and will help prevent freezing.

Plant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Although not necessary, this step sure will bring a nice surprise come spring! By planting spring-blooming bulbs in the fall season, you will then be able to enjoy a nice array of colors and beauty with the warmer months.

Transplant Shrubs and Perennials

Fall is the perfect time to transplant any shrubs or perennials that have outgrown their space. The long summer days may have caused an overgrowth of these plants, which isn’t a bad thing! Moving them to a better-suited location will tidy up your landscaping and bring room for in-season greenery.

Trim Excess Stems

Shrubs have a sneaky way of growing at a fast rate, taking over precious space of your lawn. Taking time to trim the leaves to shape the shrub will enhance your landscaping appearance, making your garden beds look brand new.

Pre-Winterize Your Herbs

Don’t let the last of your summer herbs go to waste! Now is the ideal time to dry your herbs or freeze them for later use. Infusing herbs, such as rosemary, into a vinegar or oil is a useful way to prep for the holidays.

Prep Hoses for Cold Weather

Taking proper care of outside faucets and hoses will promise a longer lifespan, especially caring for them in the winter months. Disconnect all hoses and rolling them up, along with the sprinklers and wands, will allow them to be ready-to-go come spring.

Keeping your landscaping in beautiful conditions for fall will make your southern Ohio community feel welcoming and inviting. If you are still searching for your perfect community, browse the Leland Group’s community page to see where we can assist your custom home build.

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