Our Process


At The Leland Group, all of our custom homes are built to our clients' needs, specifications, and style, on a lot of their choice.  We know that the thought of designing a home from a blank page can be overwhelming. We start by asking you to put together a portfolio of  homes that reflect your style. We suggest using Houzz to create an idea book of anything you find appealing such as architectural details, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, stone, or paint colors. We discuss in detail your budget, the size and types of rooms you need and your design for living in your new home.  We work with experienced architects who will bring your ideas to paper and create a home unique to your family and your lifestyle.

Preliminary Plans 

The first drawings you will receive consist of your floor plan and elevation. We will meet with you to present the plans and discuss your first impressions. We then ask you to take the plans home to fully absorb the design and layout. It is important to walk away from them and revisit the plans several times. We provide time for you to come up with additional thoughts, changes, and questions that need more discussion.

Plan Review

After you have reviewed the plans, we meet again with the architect to discuss your thoughts on the preliminary design and any needed changes or suggestions. We also provide professional advice (pros and cons) about design and how to achieve the results you desire with your budget in mind. The architect will go back to the drawing board and make the revisions you have requested. Once the changes are made we are typically close to a completed design other than minor changes. We finalize the plans through meeting again, phone calls or emails, your preference. Once you approve the plans, we create floor plans and elevations.

Estimating Cost

We now look closer at cost to make sure we are on target and you are in agreement. Engineered plans are not created until we understand the cost based on developed plans drawn to date. In the next few weeks, we do our estimating and collect competitive bids from our trades. We work with seasoned professionals and subcontractors, some of whom have worked with John for over 25 years. This is also the time you will meet with our suppliers and designers to choose exterior finishes, kitchen and bath design, and interior finishes to tie down selection costs. 


We meet again to present your proposal which includes the plans, sale price, detailed building specifications and allowances. The allowances established are based on materials you want to have in your home and selections you have chosen.

Construction Agreement

Once you are comfortable with the price and plans, we move forward with the construction agreement and development of fully engineered plans. Our construction agreement includes the use of a third party affidavit service and a bank of your choice or you may select one of the banks we have partnered with for your construction loan. The agreement includes building milestones for each draw. Payment is based only on work completed. At each draw you will be able to review the master affidavit. This is designed to give you assurance and give transparency to our process. 


Next, we develop a construction schedule and determine an estimated time of completion.  We work diligently to keep your project moving forward on a daily basis.  Our goal is to that together we make building your new home the personal and rewarding experience it was always meant to be.

Throughout the building process, be assured that there will be open communication, and emails and calls will be returned promptly. John manages every project whether a custom home or renovation, and works closely and directly with you, our suppliers and subcontractors. We will schedule as many job site meetings as you deem necessary so you feel confident that everything is moving in the right direction. 


After completion of constructing your new home, our goal is to smoothly transition your home to you. We want to ensure that all your questions have been addressed and will schedule a meeting and a walk-through of your new home.  By this time, your home has been inspected by all the required governmental agencies, and of course by you. It is important to us that you are proud, excited, and confident about your home. 


We see all of our clients as being part of The Leland Group "family".  Your delight and satisfaction are paramount to us. If any questions or concerns arise, please give us a call.