Great Kitchen Design Leads to Healthy Living

Since most of us visit the kitchen multiple times a day, having a well thought-out design just makes sense.

 Family gathering and bonding

 Many newly constructed homes today have a large kitchen island which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides a work space for family members to gather, enjoy each other, cook or do homework. Kitchen dynamics have changed over the years.  Kitchens are now built with an atmosphere that promotes conversation and bonding time.  Memories are made when friends and family come together on a regular basis. Include enough floor space and counter space to make your kitchen warm and inviting.  The social kitchen is here to stay, but  integrating the kitchen with an adjacent open concept dining area and great room takes the space to a new level.


 The kitchen will be the heart of your home. Incorporating thoughtful design like large, deep drawers, or pull out drawers, spice racks, utensil dividers help you stay organized. Appliance garages for toasters and coffee makers keep countertops uncluttered. An inspired, clean, well-organized kitchen can elevate your mood for the day. Consider technologically advancing your kitchen with smart appliances, Bluetooth or built in speakers. The ”kitchen triangle” still seems to be applicable today with the stove, sink, and refrigerator placement being vital to a well-appointed, effective kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is not only attractive but a must for making tasks easier. A well-lit, precise pantry frees up storage in the kitchen, makes finding the items painless, and prevents food waste.

 Finally, food!

 Even though kitchens have evolved into the new gathering place, the new office or even the new dining room, they are still built to cook food. A well-designed kitchen can make cooking entertaining and gratifying, but the benefits of sharing a meal go well beyond. As Anthony Bourdain once said “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” No one knows how the aromatic smell of fresh marinara or the wafting comfort of roasted, rosemary chicken has led to stories told, secrets revealed, or endless laughter but it has been happening in homes for centuries upon centuries. This in turn leads to happier families, stronger bonds and deeper friendships. It’s just the magic of food.