10 Reasons Home Buyers Prefer Custom Homes to Used


10 Reasons Home Buyers Prefer Custom Homes to Used

Building and designing a new custom home comes with a list of benefits, both for your family and the structure itself. The Leland Group understands the importance of designing a space fit for any lifestyle. Your home should reflect who you are, expressing your interests, hobbies, and passions. Families crave the personal touch a home offers, making them more inclined to build a custom home rather than buying used. Our expert team has listed 10 reasons why home buyers prefer custom homes to used, and why the benefits are worth your while.

Customized to Your Lifestyle

Don’t settle for someone else’s choice when you have the opportunity to completely design a space to your liking! Having the option to select your own countertops, flooring, cabinets, and appliances is not only a creative, fun process but is what makes the space yours.

Designing a Floor Plan

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of designing your own home is selecting a floor plan that accommodates your lifestyle. Do you prefer your master bedroom on the first floor? Crave large walk-in closets? Or, how about high ceilings with a cozy fireplace in the living room? It’s easy when you have the power to make every little decision.

Brand New, Under Warranty

When buying used, you’re also buying old appliances and materials that may have a short lifespan or need replaced. A benefit of building custom homes is that all appliances and materials are brand new and under warranty. Having the assurance of a warranty will offer you peace of mind and years of comfort.

Save on Energy and Utility Bills

An important benefit of building a new home is the increase of energy efficiency. This results in lower utility bills, meaning you save money year over year. Cold drafts are demolished with double or triple-pane windows and central AC circulates better than ever. Stay comfortable and affordable during any season, knowing you are saving money and energy.

Clean Indoor Air Quality

Homes built today are required to meet stringent energy standards and specific codes that were not in place in the past. This means a home built even 5 years ago is at risk for poor air quality, resulting in health issues down the road. New homes are built with high-performance energy efficient ventilation and filtration, ensuring a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Low Maintenance

New homes and floorplans are designed to reflect the way we live today, meaning less maintenance as time goes on. The materials used in the build are top quality building products leaving you less to worry about.

Community Amenities

Many new homes are built in a lavish community, with each community expressing different interests. Selecting a desired community is the fun part of custom building your home, as your community sets your values. Some communities offer hiking trails, bike paths, resort-style pools, and many more activities, giving your family a chance to try new things!

Advanced Technology

Designing a space with advanced technology not only allows your life to be easier, but adds value to the home as well. Although older homes can have dated appliances replaced, it’s also very expensive and can easily add up as time goes on.

Safety Features

An important aspect of the house to remember is the safety. Having the option of state-of-the-art circuit breakers, electric garage door openers, and high-efficient furnaces will promise your family a safe, comfortable life.

That “New Home” Feel

Building a custom home is your dream, giving you the chance to move into a space that you once only imagined. It’s a chance to build new memories and share laughs with your family while experiencing the “never lived in” feel.


If you’re looking to build a new home in Cincinnati, look no further for your builder than The Leland Group. Our experience and customer relationships are a testament to a deep love of community and beautiful living. Call us today for more information and take the next step toward your very own dream home!