Questions to Ask Your Home Builder


Questions to Ask Your Cincinnati Home Builder

Selecting the right Cincinnati home builder for your new custom home will create all the difference, where the passion will show through the hard work. Choosing the perfect home builder will leave you satisfied with the results rather than feeling your needs were not met. Your custom home should reflect who you are, expressing your lifestyle and personality. It is important to do research before making a decision. Consider noting these questions to ask your Cincinnati home builder before making a commitment.

What is their reputation?

Explore the company’s background to gain insight on their experience. How long have they dedicated their life to building dream homes? What is their story? Asking for referrals or testimonials is a great source of feedback and allows you to hear the personal experience of others. Be sure to ask former buyers about the builder’s craftsmanship. Knowing if the home builder completed the project on time or if the estimated costs were accurate builds trust in the company.

How does the customization process work?

When building a custom home in Cincinnati, you want to fully understand the customization process. Home builders approach customization differently, with some being more open to designs and others having limited floor plans. Upon deciding your dream layout and custom features, be sure your home builder is set on making those dreams a reality. Selecting a home builder who is eager to tackle your custom project will show through in the details of the house.

Is there a direct contact?

Having a home builder who keeps in communication and focuses on the relationship is important, as it provides peace of mind that your home is cared for and your needs are being met. Make a note to ask your home builder who the main point of contact will be, and the time available to chat. Caring home builders will remain in constant communication and keep you updated throughout the process.

Do you offer a warranty?

With each home builder having different warranty packages, it is vital to understand the warranty and how long it will last. This should be discussed when going through the contract, ensuring each party is clear on the guarantees being made and expectations to be met.

Before making a final decision on a Cincinnati home builder, consider making a list of questions to ask, gaining as much detail and information as possible up front. You deserve a high quality custom built home and hiring the right home builder will reflect the passion.


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